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Authors: Wei Hong Li, Yuan Sheng Yang, Chang Wen Tian, Shou Qiu Tang, Ji Xue Zhou, Li Kun Jiang
Abstract:Long route and high inclusion content are two common problems existing in the present process for magnesium alloys. To solve these problems,...
Authors: Ya Qin Yang, Zhi Min Zhang, Bao Cheng Li
Abstract:The precipitation mechanism of secondary-precipitated phase β in AZ80 magnesium alloy during the hot compression deformation under different...
Authors: Su Qiu Jia, Wen Ke Gao, Zhan Kui Zhao
Abstract:The Corrosion behaviour of Mg-7.3Al alloy in buffered chloride solutions was investigated in the paper. The corrosion resistances of Mg-7.3Al...
Authors: Ding Fei Zhang, Li Bo Cui, Yu Ping Liu
Abstract:The effect of different factors on the corrosion performance of the anodic film formed on AZ31 was studied by using electrochemical impedance...
Authors: Xian Long Cao, Fu Sheng Pan, Hong Da Deng, Wei Cai
Abstract:This present work investigated the corrosion behavior of AZ31 magnesium alloy substrates pre-treated with bis-[triethoxysilylpropyl]...
Authors: Zhi Qiang Zhang, Qi Chi Le, Jian Zhong Cui
Abstract:Effects of low frequency electromagnetic field on surface quality, microstructure and hot-tearing tendency of direct chill casting of Φ500mm...
Authors: Zhuang Qing Zhu, Fu Sheng Pan, Chong Zhao, Yao Bo Hu
Abstract:AZ31 wrought alloys at as-cast state with different microcontent calcium and strontium was studied by optical microscopy, X-ray diffraction,...
Authors: Xin Huang, Guang Jie Huang, Dong Ping Xiao, Qing Liu
Abstract:In this paper, the influence of clock rolling(CR)on microstructure and texture as well as the anisotropic properties of AZ31 alloy sheet was...
Authors: Da Heng Mao, Guan Zhong Zhao, Jian Ping Li, Jian Bing Hu, Sheng Fang Zhang
Abstract:With composite energy-field of ultrasonic field and electromagnetic field introduced into the roll-casting process,AZ31B magnesium alloy has...
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