Effect of Clock Rolling on Microstructures and Properties of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Sheets


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In this paper, the influence of clock rolling(CR)on microstructure and texture as well as the anisotropic properties of AZ31 alloy sheet was systematically studied. Compared to unidirectional rolling(UR), clock rolling leads to more uniform microstructure in annealed sample. The average grain sizes of the two kinds of sheet are similar. Texture measurement reveals that clock rolling can effectively weaken the intensity of basal texture and generate more symmetrical basal texture. Clock rolled samples exhibit weaker anisotropy of mechanical properties due to its lower basal texture intensities and more symmetrical basal texture in tensile test.



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Yafang Han, Fusheng Pan, Jianmao Tang, Chungen Zhou




X. Huang et al., "Effect of Clock Rolling on Microstructures and Properties of AZ31 Magnesium Alloy Sheets", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 686, pp. 40-45, 2011

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June 2011




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