Advanced Structural Materials, IUMRS-ICA 2010

Volume 686

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Peng Zhang, Xian Jin Yu, Zhi Wei Ge, Yun Hui Dong, Dang Gang Li, Ya Li Zhang

Abstract: The carbon composite materials with silicon carbide coating were prepared for aluminum electrolysis as inert anode. The oxidation...

Authors: Yu Zhang, Xi Ping Guo

Abstract: In order to improve the oxidation resistance of silicide coatings on an Nb silicide based alloy, Si-B co-deposition coatings were prepared...

Authors: Wei Ling Lv, Jun Liu, Tao Tang, Ling Yang, Rong Lei, Li Jie Qiao, Jiang Li Cao

Abstract: Y2O3/YOx composite coatings with different YOx adhesion layers were fabricated on 316L stainless...

Authors: Jun Liu, Wei Ling Lv, Tao Tang, Si Xiang Zhao, Rong Lei, Li Jie Qiao, Jiang Li Cao

Abstract: The yttria-erbia multilayered coatings were prepared on 316L stainless steel substrates by bipolar pulse magnetron sputtering. Structures of...

Authors: Jing Liang, Sui Yuan Chen, Chang Sheng Liu, Feng Hua Liu

Abstract: Two kinds of mixed powders:Ti-6Al-4V/B/C and Ti-6Al-4V/B4C which are pre-pasted or synchronized fed on Ti-6Al-4V substrates...

Authors: Tong Yul Cho, Jae Hong Yoon, Sung Kang Hur, Hui Gon Chun, Shi Hong Zhang

Abstract: μWC-metal powder (powder) was coated onto the surface of Inconel 718 (IN718) using HVOF spraying for the improvement of surface properties....

Authors: Li Ma, Ke Chao Zhou, Zhi You Li, Lei Zhang

Abstract: Ni-Co-Fe2O3 composite coatings are successfully developed via conventional electrodeposition technology. The effects...

Authors: Liang Li, Shi Feng Wang, Shi Bing Chen

Abstract: Oxidation of carbon is the main problem in magnesia-carbon refractory bricks. Al4SiC4 powder is an excellent...

Authors: Yan Bo Liu, Quan Sheng Wang, Zhuang Ma, Zhong Du, Juan Liu

Abstract: The zirconium silicate can be deposited as functional coatings which will be used at high temperature because of its high melting point and...

Authors: Jie Sun, Dan Zhao, Li Li Zhang, Yong Tan

Abstract: The protection of thermal parts has become one of the most important techniques with the development of high capability and high...


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