Advanced Structural Materials, IUMRS-ICA 2010

Volume 686

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Guo Hao, Jiu Ba Wen, Jun Guang He, Jing Ling Ma

Abstract: The open circuit potential, working potential and current efficiency of Al-5Zn-0.5Bi and Al-5Zn-0.5Bi-0.015Ga alloys in artificial seawater...

Authors: Jing Yuan Li, Xiao Lei Du

Abstract: The mechanical property of magnesium alloy depends on the alloy elements and microstructure strongly. The multiple dependency relations are...

Authors: Jin Ping Fan, She Bin Wang, Bing She Xu

Abstract: The effects of Sr addition on the mechanical properties and microstructure of Mg-6Al mag- nesium alloy both at 25 °C and at 175 °C were...

Authors: Ji Xue Zhou, Yuan Sheng Yang, Shou Qiu Tang, Chang Wen Tian

Abstract: The effect of Sr addition on the as-cast microstructure of AS31 alloy was studied. The experimental results show that the grain size...

Authors: Jian Ping Li, Jian Bing Hu, Da Heng Mao, Guan Zhong Zhao

Abstract: The experiment of ultrasonic cast-rolling magnesium strip was carried out on the horizontal twin-roll cast-rolling machine with the...

Authors: Gao Feng Quan, Zhao Ming Liu, Xiue Gu

Abstract: The vibration and acoustic transmitting experiments and digital simulation were carried out on AZ31 magnesium sheet and magnesium honeycomb...

Authors: Wei Neng Tang, Rong Shi Chen, En Hou Han, Wei Ke

Abstract: The flow behavior and microstructural evolution of the ZW61 (Mg-6Zn-0.6Y-0.5Zr ) alloy during uniaxial compressive deformation at...

Authors: Ding Fei Zhang, Yu Ping Liu, Chang Guo Chen, Ya Juan Xu

Abstract: In this work, the galvanic corrosion behavior of AZ31 magnesium alloy in contact with A6N01S-T5 aluminum alloy in NaCl solution was...

Authors: Xing Pin Chen, Rui Xiao, Can Sun, Zhen Xia Lin, Qing Liu

Abstract: This work focused on the grain refinement and investigation its effect on the microstructural evolution and mechanical properties. The...

Authors: You Yang, Hua Wu, Xue Song Li

Abstract: High cycle fatigue behavior of gravity cast magnesium alloy AZ91D were investigated using an up-and-down load method. High cycle fatigue...


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