Advanced Structural Materials, IUMRS-ICA 2010

Volume 686

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Cai Wu, Rui He, Lei Li

Abstract: The influences of the different content of Rare earth La on the corrosion resistance of AZ81 in the simulated human fluid were studied. In...

Authors: Rui Li, Jia Cheng Gao, Ke Fan

Abstract: The yields and uniformities of Mn in high Mn-content (Mn≥10wt%) Mg-Mn master alloys have been studied in this paper. Pure Mn powder and Mg...

Authors: Mei Juan Song, Ling Yun Wang, Rao Chuan Liu

Abstract: The superplastic bulging test of AZ31B magnesium alloy sheet of 0.6mm thick was carried out on Alliance RT/50 tensile machine at 573K and...

Authors: Shu Tao Xiong, Fu Sheng Pan, Bin Jiang, Xiao Ke Li

Abstract: In the present work, Al-Ca metallic compound was prepared in Mg-Ca alloys and the effects of Al-Ca metallic compound and different Al/Ca...

Authors: Yi Luo, Jin He Liu, Chang Hua Du, Hui Bin Xu, Chun Tian Li

Abstract: The process of vacuum electron beam welding is characterized by deep-penetration with the action of keyhole effect. The assumption of simple...

Authors: Yong Li, Zhi Min Zhang, Yong Xue, Li Li

Abstract: The forward extrusion experiments of homogenized AZ80 magnesium alloy were conducted in the extrusion temperature range of 300°C to 420°C...

Authors: Tao Liu, Quan Bo Tang, Jian Hua Zhao

Abstract: The oxide inclusion formation tendency in tilting cast magnesium alloys intake manifold was studied by numerical simulation. Two different...

Authors: D.H. Hou, S.M. Liang, Rong Shi Chen, En Hou Han, C. Dong

Abstract: The lost foam casting (LFC) process utilizes the expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam pattern for the production of metallic components. The...

Authors: Si Rong Yu, Zhi Qiu Huang, Jia An Liu

Abstract: Novel AZ91D Mg alloy/fly-ash cenospheres (AZ91D/FAC) composites were fabricated by melt stir technique. The thermodynamic analyses of the...

Authors: Jin Quan Sun, Zi Feng Yan, Hong Zhi Cui, Qing Kun He, Hong Guang Yang, Cheng Zhu Xiao

Abstract: In this work, an attempt has been made to improve the wear and abrasion properties of AM60 magnesium alloy by surface modification using a...


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