Advanced Structural Materials, IUMRS-ICA 2010

Volume 686

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fei Xue, Mei Ling Wang, Qiang Feng

Abstract: The phase equilibria of Co-base trial alloys of Co-9Al-7.5W, Co-5.5Al-10W and Co-9Al-3W at 1300°C and 900°C were determined in the present...

Authors: Fei You, Jin Sun, Bing Teng, Lin Hua Xia, Xin Xing Jiang, Hui Xu, De Gao Zhong, Romano A Rupp

Abstract: DAST (4-dimethylamino-N-methyl-4-stilbazolium tosylate) crystal material was synthesized and purified by a relatively simple method. The...

Authors: Ming Dong Yi, Chong Hai Xu, Jing Jie Zhang, Zhen Yu Jiang

Abstract: A new nano-composite ceramic tool and die material was prepared by vacuum hot pressing technique. The effect of hot pressing technology on...

Authors: Ning Zhang, Li Xiang Chen, Yan Sheng Yin, Ye Han, Zong Feng Wang

Abstract: Hybrid friction materials were manufactured with glass fiber, potassium titanate whisker and aramid fiber as reinforcement and the phenolic...

Authors: Bin Chen, Da Gang Yin, Quan Yuan, Ji Luo, Jing Hong Fan

Abstract: The observation on conifer wood shows that wood is a kind of biocomposite consisting of wood fibers and lignin matrix. The wood fibers are...

Authors: Jian Ping Bi, Xu Dan Dang, Xin Li Wang, Jun Xiao, Hai Jun Chen, Hong Song Zhang

Abstract: In this study, by changing Z-pin’s insertion parameters, the X-cor sandwich was prepared with vacuum curing molding process. The effects of...

Authors: Tian Heng Xu, Qing Song Ma, Zhao Hui Chen

Abstract: Carbon fiber reinforced silicon carbide composites (Cf/SiC) were derived through precursor infiltration pyrolysis route (PIP) at...

Authors: Song Bi, Xun Jia Su, Gen Liang Hou, Feng Guo, Zhou Xiao

Abstract: Carbon nanotubes-alumina (CNTs-Al2O3) composite ceramics with 25vol% CNTs were fabricated by sol-gel method and...

Authors: Bin Chen, Da Gang Yin, Quan Yuan, Ji Luo, Jing Hong Fan

Abstract: The observation of scanning electron microscope (SEM) on the cuticle of Tumblebug shows that the cuticle is a kind of biocomposite...

Authors: Bao Min Wang

Abstract: The influence of Nano-SiO2 (NS) on the strength of high-performance concrete (W/B=0.24, W/B=0.29, W/B=0.34) has been studied in...


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