Advanced Structural Materials, IUMRS-ICA 2010

Volume 686

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xing Fa Ma, Shu Juan Niu, Ming Jun Gao, Xiao Chun He, Guang Li

Abstract: In order to improve the sensing-properties of carbon nanotube based composite for potential applications in chemical sensors, CNTs/PANi...

Authors: Gao Xiang Du, Wei Juan Guo, Li Bing Liao, Qiang Xue, Nan Wang, Jian Wei Ban

Abstract: The ultrafine grinding of white cement and its hydration were studied. The ultrafine grinding parameters, such as crushing pressure and...

Authors: Wei Gong, Chun Zhang, Jie Yu, Jian Hua Zhu, Li He

Abstract: The modified inorganic powder material (one-dimensional MgSO4 whisker, two-dimensional Mica, zero-dimensional SiO2 )...

Authors: Peng Zhu, Li Jiang Hu, Di Wang, Qun Zhang, Sheng Yao Song

Abstract: In this work, the mesoporous zeolite molecular sieve (ZMS, SBA-15) was prepared by rice hull ash (RHA) and the surface of ZMS pore was...

Authors: Yan Liang Li, Xiao Su Yi, Bang Ming Tang

Abstract: The objective of this paper was focused on predicting the thickness and the interior quality of carbon fiber composite panel during the...

Authors: Y.Q. Guo, Rui Qin Tan, Z.Y. Cao, Wei Jie Song

Abstract: A simple approach to the in situ deposition of well-crystallized SnO2 nanocrystals on the surface of multiwalled carbon nanotubes...

Authors: Wan Chang Sun, He Jun Li, Qian Gang Fu, Shou Yang Zhang

Abstract: PAN-carbon fibers were pretreated using three methods. 2D-C/C composites were fabricated by a rapid chemical liquid-vaporized infiltration...

Authors: Yang Yang Sheng, Yan Fu Yan, Cun Cang Han, Kun Tang, Kuai Le Zhao, Zhi Wei Xu

Abstract: Bi5Sb8Sn solder alloy is the most promising alternative to existing high-Pb solder as high-temperature lead-free soft solder alloy series...

Authors: Yong Gang Li, Yang Dong Hu, Lian Ying Wu, Hong Li

Abstract: Based on heat percolation theory and thermal coefficient equation of various layer-compositors, the effective thermal conductivity of...

Authors: Jian Jiang Wang, Hong Fei Lou, Dong Mei Shi, Wen Bin Hu

Abstract: The preparation, mechanism and electromagnetic absorbing properties of Hollow Ceramic Micro-spheres (HCMs) were studied in the present...


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