Functional and Electronic Materials, IUMRS-ICA2010

Volume 687

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Shan Yuan, Zhao Wei Feng, Wei Dong Miao, Jiang Bo Wang, Jin Zhou, Ming Zhu

Abstract: TiNi shape memory alloys exhibiting high damping capacity are currently expected to be used as structural materials for energy dissipation...

Authors: Bo Wen Wang, Zhi Hua Wang, Yan Ming Hao, Yu Fa Yi, Ling Weng, Wen Mei Huang

Abstract: The Tb0.3Dy0.7Fe2 <110> oriented alloy was grown by zone melting directional solidification...

Authors: Hang Man Lai, Fu Shun Liu

Abstract: The influence of Nb addition on phase transformation, especially the intermediate R phase transformation and microstructure of TiNiFe shape...

Authors: S. X. Xue, S.S. Feng, P. Y. Cai, Q T Li, H. B. Wang

Abstract: Ni54Mn21-xFexGa25(x=0,1,3,5,7,9)polycrystalline alloys were prepared by the technique of...

Authors: C. Jing, H. L. Zhang, Z. Li, D. H. Yu, S. X. Cao, J.C. Zhang

Abstract: The phase transition strain and magnetostrain during the martensitic transformation have been systematically investigated in...

Authors: Hiroki Cho, Akihiko Suzuki, Takaei Yamamoto, Yuji Takeda, Toshio Sakuma

Abstract: To confirm the constitutive model developed by the present authors, example calculations are conducted for the transformation behavior of...

Authors: Suo Kui Tan, Xiao Ping Song, Qiao Li, Hong Yan Guo, Song Ji, Hong Zhao

Abstract: In the present paper, mechanical properties test and morphology observation,the effect among electric field, magnetic field and...

Authors: Ting Xi Li, Na Kong, Sha Sha Wu, Su Su Gao, Peng Sui, Shan Ting Li

Abstract: Super absorbent resin acrylic acid-acrylamide (P (AA-AM)) was synthesized by water solution copolymerization method using acrylic acid (AA)...

Authors: Bin Yue, Yan Li, Fei Zhang

Abstract: The effect of vacancy on the phase stability of TiNi shape memory alloy has been investigated by the first-principle method based on the...

Authors: Gen Lian Fan, Zhi Qiang Li, Di Zhang, Xiao Bing Ren

Abstract: Having the smallest atomic radius, hydrogen can easily enter into many metals either by intentional doping or by inadvertent exposure to...


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