Functional and Electronic Materials, IUMRS-ICA2010

Volume 687

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qun Jiao Wang, Min Xu

Abstract: Combinatorial technology is a powerful tool for new material exploration. Some new combinatorial technologies, such as combinatorial laser...

Authors: Chang Song Liu, Ji Gen Zhou, Dong Mei Zheng, Yong Wan, Zhi Wen Li

Abstract: A surface with surface energy gradient was fabricated by using a controlled photodegradation technique of a fluoroalkylsilane self-assembled...

Authors: He Feng Wang, Bin Tang, Xiu Yan Li, Yong Ma, Chen Quan Yang

Abstract: A novel process has been developed to improve tribological and corrosion properties of austenitic stainless steel (S. S). Titanium nitride...

Authors: Yen Lin Huang, Ying Chieh Lee, Du Cheng Tsai, Fuh Sheng Shieu

Abstract: Thin films of zinc titanate (ZnTiO3) can be produced on Si(100) substrates at room temperature by DC reactive magnetron...

Authors: Yu Gang Meng, Rui Ting Huo, Chun Zhi Qi, Ling Yu Chang

Abstract: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) architectural membrane material is a species of composite textile material. In comparison with other architectural...

Authors: Xi Ling Xin, Xiao Jing Xu, Zhen Fan, Kun Tian, Dan Chen, Chun Hang Yu, Xin Lan Sheng

Abstract: In this paper, both the TiB2/SiC bilayer films and the carbon-doped TiB2 (TiB2-C)/SiC bilayer films (SiC...

Authors: Chin Jung Lee, I Shou Tsai

Abstract: This paper investigates the physical properties of conductive paste which is used for print engineering. The conductivity of poly...

Authors: Wei Yan Wang, Jin Hua Huang, Xian Peng Zhang, Wei Jie Song, Rui Qin Tan

Abstract: The effect of rapid thermal annealing (RTA) temperature (700~1200 °C) and time (1~8 min) on the structure and conductivity properties of...

Authors: Xue Song Li, Yue Yang, You Yang, Hua Wu

Abstract: Eelectrodeposited black Cr-C nano-composite coating was prepared on the steel substrate and the effects of current density on the properties...

Authors: Nan Chun Wu, Yi Ben Xia, Lin Jun Wang

Abstract: With electron assisted chemical vapour deposition technology, some nanocrystalline diamond films have been deposited, which precipitate...


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