Functional and Electronic Materials, IUMRS-ICA2010

Volume 687

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Ping Liu, Hai Jun Zhang, Pei Lin Ce, Zhen Xia Wang, Zhi Yong He, Yan Ping Liu

Abstract: A carburized layer is fabricated in the surface of TiAl alloy using plasma carburization at 975 °C. Fretting wear test at ambient...

Authors: Xiao Xing Shen, Wen Fang Yang, Qing Fu Zhang

Abstract: For preparation of an architecture membrane with hydrophobic properties, a method combining supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2 ) and low...

Authors: G.F. Zhang, Y.Y. He, X.D. Hou

Abstract: An attempt was made to deposit nano-crystalline (or amorphous) diamond films on silicon and 316L stainless steel substrates by...

Authors: Q. Q. Dai, L. Luo, F. Y. Huang, D. P. Xiong, X.G. Tang, J. Chen

Abstract: ZnO and Eu-doped ZnO thin films were deposited on quartz substrates by reactive radio-frequency magnetron sputtering from a ZnO and Eu-doped...

Authors: Hong Chuan Jiang, X. Si, Wan Li Zhang, Bin Peng, C. J. Wang

Abstract: Aluminium doping TaNx thin films were deposited on Al2O3 ceramic wafers by DC reactive magnetron...

Authors: Fei Ming Bai, Huai Wu Zhang, Surendra Gupta, Santosh Kurinec

Abstract: Phase transitions in stacked GeTe/SnTe and Ge2Se3/SnTe thin layers for potential phase-change memory applications have...

Authors: Y. Z. Chen, C. R. Wang, Hong Chuan Jiang, Wan Li Zhang, X.Z. Liu, Yan Rong Li

Abstract: NiCr-NiSi K-type thin film thermocouples with multi-layer structure were fabricated on Ni-based superalloy substrates (95 mm×35 mm×2 mm)....

Authors: Lin Hai Tian, Rui Hua Zhu, Yan Zhang, Bin Tang

Abstract: Aluminized coatings were prepared on AZ91D magnesium alloy using pulsed bias magnetron sputtering. Effects of deposition temperature on the...

Authors: Bao He Li, Chun Feng, Xiao Bai Chen, Hai Lang Ju, Jia Zhao, Ai Cong Geng, Deng Hui Xu, Xiong Li

Abstract: [FePt(2 nm)/Ag(d nm)]10 mutilayers were deposited on single crystal MgO (100) substrates by magnetron sputtering....

Authors: Di Chun Chen, Bai Ling Jiang, Ming Zhi Li

Abstract: CrAlTiCN multilayer films have been prepared by closed-field unbalanced magnetron sputtering technology using graphite target as the C...


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