Functional and Electronic Materials, IUMRS-ICA2010

Volume 687

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chih Yi Liu, Yu Chen Li, Chun Hung Lai, Shih Kun Liu

Abstract: CuxO and SiO2 thin films were deposited using a radio-frequency magnetron sputter on Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si...

Authors: Yao Li Wang, Ke Ke Zhang, Chen Yang Li, Li Juan Han, Qing Zhi Zhang

Abstract: The interfacial microstructures and kinetics of low Ag content Sn2.5Ag0.7Cu/Cu solder joint were investigated by the X-ray diffraction,...

Authors: Yuan Qiang Song, Huai Wu Zhang, Ying Li Liu, Yuan Xun Li, Qi Ye Wen

Abstract: Diluted magnetically doped CeO2 films is an attractive dilute magnetic oxide which would facilitate the practical realization of...

Authors: Y. S. Deng, Xian Shi Fang, Feng Ye, Y. Qiao, Jun Pin Lin, G.L. Chen

Abstract: Directional solidification technique was employed to produce Fe-6.5wt.%Si alloy with coarse columnar-grain structure, which was almost...

Authors: Hua Su, Huai Wu Zhang, Xiao Li Tang, Bao Yuan Liu

Abstract: The effects of phosphorous pentoxide on the properties of highly permeable MnZn ferrites have been investigated in this study. It was found...

Authors: Chun Lin Fu, Wei Cai, Xiao Ling Deng

Abstract: The microstructure and dielectric properties of BaTiO3-based ceramics and films were investigated. In...

Authors: Gui Sheng Gan, Lei Zhang, Yi Lu, Bin Yang

Abstract: 2wt.%TiB2/Si-30Al composite was prepared by in-situ reaction and spray forming first and then by hot isostatic pressing (HIP)....

Authors: Ji Hong Liao, Ying Dai, Wen Chen, Lian Xiang Tan, Shao Hua Qu

Abstract: The complex perovskite compound Ca(Li1/3Nb2/3)O3-δ(CLN) ceramics have received much attention due to the...

Authors: Jian Gong, Guang Liang Xu, Yang Xing Li, Cheng Min Peng

Abstract: The BaCo2Fe16O27 ferrite particles have been prepared by sol-gel combustion technique. The products have...

Authors: Qi Jiang, Rong Yang, Guang Gang Fu, De Yu Xie, Bin Huang, Zheng Wen He, Yong Zhao

Abstract: Carbon nanotube (CNT) / carbon fiber (CF) composite was prepared by growing CNT in situ on the CF surface with catalytic chemical vapor...


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