Nano-Scale and Amorphous Materials

Volume 688

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Chen, Tian Yu Zhang, X.Y Lu, Su Qiu Jia, Zhi Long Chai

Abstract: In this paper, TiH2-47Al-5Nb (at.%) and TiH2-47Al-7Nb(at.%) alloys were mixed and synthesized using TiH2,...

Authors: Yuan Chao Liu, Bao Min Sun

Abstract: Synthesis carbon nanofibers from V-type pyrolysis flame use simple carbon monoxide and acetylene /air premixed flame. Catalyst is...

Authors: Dan Dan Zhao, Zhi Yang, Hao Wei, Ya Fei Zhang

Abstract: Low-pressure chemical vapor deposition (LP-CVD) technique has been utilized for controlled growth of carbon nanotube (CNT) arrays on silicon...

Authors: Bing Bing Wang, Qing Shan Kong, Jian Ping Sun, Quan Feng Yu, Quan Ji, Yan Zhi Xia

Abstract: Schistose and aciculate CuO nanostructures have been synthesized by a novel ammonia assisted hydrothermal method of copper alginate. The...

Authors: Xing Fa Ma, Ming Jun Gao, Xiao Chun He, Guang Li

Abstract: To examine the effects of morphologies of one-dimentional metal oxides on their surface properties, two typical morphologies of manganese...

Authors: Zi Cheng Zhou, Sheng Tao Xing, Zi Chuan Ma, Yin Su Wu

Abstract: Nanostructured manganese oxides (Mn3O4, MnOOH) were successfully prepared by a hydrothermal method using...

Authors: Qi Jiang, Rong Yang, Zheng Wen He, Bin Huang, Yong Zhao

Abstract: The grown in situ carbon nanotube chemically modified electrode (GSCNT-CME) was prepared by growing carbon nanotube (CNT) in situ on the...

Authors: Zhen Jun Chang

Abstract: Functionalized carbon nanotubes (CNTs) composite nanofibers with high melting point polyurethane (PUH) as matrix were fabricated...

Authors: Xiao Feng Wu, Yu Chao Liao, Ren Liang Yue, Yun Fa Chen

Abstract: Based on the growth kinetics of the SiO2 particles, we studied the kinetic hetero-precipitation process on the interface of...


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