Nano-Scale and Amorphous Materials

Volume 688

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Tang, Xiao Fei Yang, Qiong Wu, Chang Sheng Li, Xue Yan

Abstract: In this paper, calcium carbonate particles with unusual morphologies could be successfully synthesized by a precipitation reaction of sodium...

Authors: Xin De Tang, Xiang Li Kong, Zhong Guo He, Jun Li

Abstract: Nano-montmorillonite (Nano-MMT)/SBS composite modified asphalts were prepared by melt blending, the aging property of which was detected by...

Authors: Yu Zhang, Wei Lu, Biao Yan, Yu Xin Wang, Ying Yang

Abstract: The nanocrystallization kinetics of the Fe81Si3.5B13.5C2 amorphous alloy was investigated by...

Authors: Hao Long Chen, Zin Ching Liou, Shian Jang Lin

Abstract: A convenient method for direct and large-area growth of one-dimensional (1-D) CuO and ZnO nanostructures on a conductive brass substrate has...

Authors: Xin De Tang, Xiang Li Kong, Fang Huang, Jun Li

Abstract: To provide the valuable references for pavement materials applied in various climatic zones, a series of asphalts paving mixtures including...

Authors: Gang Xu, Yan Fang Zhang, Yan Gang Zhao, Qing Qing Wang, Gao Rong Han

Abstract: CdS nanocrystallites with different morphologies have solvothermally prepared with ethylenediamine (en) and glycol as solvents....

Authors: Xiao Jie Yin, Yong Zhong Jia, Yan Jing, Ying Yao, Jun Ma

Abstract: Phase diagram of MgCl2–LiCl–Na2­SiO3–H2O (MLSH) system at 200°C was reported. The phase diagram...

Authors: Bing Qiang Cao, Hao Ming Wei, Xi Lun Hu, Hai Bo Gong

Abstract: The encountered difficulties that prevent ZnO nanowires from being used as light-emitters are p-type doping and quantum well (QW)...

Authors: Xin De Tang, Zhong Guo He, Xin Kai Man, De Yang Zhang

Abstract: Composite modified asphalts with nanoscale calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and SBS were prepared by melt blending. Rolling thin film...

Authors: Jian Jun Hao, Yan An Bai, Chong Rui Wang, Xin Yuan Liu

Abstract: Ni-TiO2 nanocomposite coatings have been successfully fabricated via a route electrodeposition from nickel Watts bath...


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