Investigation on Compression Behavior of SiC/Al Co-Continuous Composites


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Compression behavior of a novel type of SiC/Al co-continuous composites was investigated using the finite element method and a new constitutive model were presented in this paper. The results show that the new constitutive model of the co-continuous composites can predicate the compression behavior of the composites accurately according to the simulative data. The fitting curve of the compression behavior achieved from the constitutive formula accords with the simulation results, which improves the reliability of the simulation on composites.



Edited by:

Enhou Han, Guanghong Lu and Xiaolin Shu




L. Z. Zhao et al., "Investigation on Compression Behavior of SiC/Al Co-Continuous Composites", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 689, pp. 130-133, 2011

Online since:

June 2011




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