Numerical Simulation of 300mm CZ Silicon Crystal Growth with Axial Magnetic Fields


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We studied the optimization of 300mm CZ silicon crystal growth in 28 inch hot zone with axial magnetic field. The convex of melt-crystal interfaces toward to the crystal are observed in our simulations under different growth velocities (0.3mm/min, 0.5mm/min and 0.65mm/min). The convections in melt were illustrated under different growth rates and intensities of magnetic field. The growth rate of 0.5mm/min and axial magnetic fields intensity of 0.3T were recommended as an appropriate control condition.



Edited by:

Enhou Han, Guanghong Lu and Xiaolin Shu




W. T. Xu et al., "Numerical Simulation of 300mm CZ Silicon Crystal Growth with Axial Magnetic Fields", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 689, pp. 179-183, 2011

Online since:

June 2011




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