Finite Element Modelling for Internal Bionic Architecture Optimization of Artificial Human Bones


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Clinical medicine shows that the scaffold of artificial human bone must have a certain porosity, good connectivity and adequate mechanical strength. Controlled porosity, pore size, shape and interconnectivity of the scaffold heavily influence the structural strength, transport properties, and the micro-environment for cells and tissue in-growth. In this paper, finite element analysis software was used. A micro-porous unit with mechanical properties similar to the natural bone was produced. Then the interconnected scaffold of tissue with a specific porosity and gradient pore was built according to the optimized micro-porous unit. It was confirmed that the porosity and elastic modulus of the mold were within the bounds of human bone. Analysis using ADINA8.3 ensured that the mold had satisfactory mechanical properties of bone. Finally, STL files were generated by the software and the mold was manufactured using SLS.



Edited by:

Enhou Han, Guanghong Lu and Xiaolin Shu




L. J. Yang et al., "Finite Element Modelling for Internal Bionic Architecture Optimization of Artificial Human Bones", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 689, pp. 95-101, 2011

Online since:

June 2011




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