Materials Modeling, Simulation, and Characterization

Volume 689

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Zhong An, Guo Quan Liu, Chao Li

Abstract: The growth of nano CVD diamond films on low index faces such as (111) face and (100) face under different proposed surface chemical reaction...

Authors: Hui Li Wei, Feng Mao, Xin Yu Tan, Xiang Ping Huang, Zhao Wang, Hui Jin Xu, Chang Yuan Zhang, Jia Yi

Abstract: The numerical simulation of high-energy femtosecond laser ablation on metal target is studied in this paper. Based on the two-temperature...

Authors: Meng Ou Tang, Jun Xu, Zhi Feng Zhang, Yue Long Bai

Abstract: Annular electromagnetic stirring (A-EMS) process is an advanced semi-solid metal processing technology. It could avoid the effect of skin...

Authors: Hong Tao Yu, Wen Bo Zhang, Jing Song Liu, Lin Hong Cao, Han Xing Liu

Abstract: In this work, we have proposed a simple model to predicte the dielectric constant of...

Authors: Yan Xu, Kai Zhang, Hong Liang Zheng, Yu Cheng Sun, Xue Lei Tian

Abstract: It is very important to predict the hot spots of castings properly, which is known as a criterion for riser design. In this paper, an...

Authors: Ze Feng Liu, Qing Sen Meng, Shao Ping Chen, L.J. Liang, P.F. Xue

Abstract: TiB2-TiC+Ni/TiAl/Ti graded materials were prepared by field-activated pressure-assisted synthesis process (FAPAS) and the...

Authors: K.M. Fan, Li Yang, Shu Ming Peng, Xing Gui Long, Z.C. Wu, Xiao Tao Zu

Abstract: A reactive interatomic potential based on an analytical bond-order scheme is developed for hexagonal close-packed (hcp) scandium, and the...

Authors: Min Jie Liang, Hai Hong Liao, Wen Jiang Ding, Zheng Chen

Abstract: The influence of temperature on atomic site occupation probability (SOP) in L12--Ni3(Al1-xFex)...

Authors: Fu Ling Tang, F.C. Wan, X.Q. Dai, W.J. Lu

Abstract: We studied in detail the lattice transition and local lattice structure (including Jahn-Teller distortion) in...


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