Materials Modeling, Simulation, and Characterization

Volume 689

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Sheng Li, Yan Zhou Yu, Xiao Lin Cheng, Guang Chen

Abstract: The phase field simulation of interface movement and interdiffusion microstructure in a binary diffusion couples was developed. The...

Authors: Long Zhi Zhao, Ming Juan Zhao, Na Li, Xiao Lan Zhang, Hong Yan

Abstract: Compression behavior of a novel type of SiC/Al co-continuous composites was investigated using the finite element method and a new...

Authors: J.F. Pei, C.Z. Cai, X.J. Zhu, G.L. Wang

Abstract: According to an experimental dataset on the tensile strength and elongation of TA15 titanium alloy under different hot deformation process...

Authors: Bin Chen, Quan Yuan, Da Gang Yin, Jing Hong Fan

Abstract: The observation of scanning electron microscope (SEM) shows chafer cuticle is a kind of biocomposite which possesses multiscale...

Authors: Ming Yi Zhang, Zheng Chen, Xiao Li Fan, Yong Xin Wang, Yan Li Lu

Abstract: The site occupation behavior of Al in Ni3V phase with a DO22 structure in...

Authors: Shu Zhang, Su Gui Tian, Yong Su, Ben Jiang Qian

Abstract: By means of the finite element method (FEM) for calculating the von Mises stress and strain energy density in the cubic γ/γ′ phases, the...

Authors: D. Li, Fan Yan Meng, X.Q. Ma, Z. Wang, L.J. Qiao, W.Y. Chu

Abstract: Pipeline steel in soil containing water could induce a macro tensile stress, leading to stress corrosion cracking (SCC). Anisotropic...

Authors: Yong Li Liu, Jian Zhi Bao, Lin Zhang, Shao Qing Wang, Heng Qiang Ye

Abstract: TiAl alloys have great potential because of its low density and the outstanding performance at high temperature. However, the brittleness...

Authors: Wen Ting Xu, Hai Ling Tu, Qing Chang, Qing Hua Xiao, Xiao Lin Dai, Yun Xia Liu, Zong Feng Li, Lin Chang, Wei Da Liu

Abstract: We studied the optimization of 300mm CZ silicon crystal growth in 28 inch hot zone with axial magnetic field. The convex of melt-crystal...

Authors: Yong Qiang Long, Ping Liu, Yong Liu

Abstract: The phase-field model is established for precipitation transformations in multi-component alloy, which incorporates the interfacial energy...


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