Materials Modeling, Simulation, and Characterization

Volume 689

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Huai Bei Zheng, Xiao Ning Ye, Zheng Cai, Lai Zhu Jiang, Zhen Yu Liu, Guo Dong Wang, Bao Sen Wang

Abstract: Intergranular corrosion in heat-affected zone of low carbon 12Cr-Ni ferritic stainless steel was investigated by the method of practice Z in...

Authors: Winarto, Muhammad Anis, Taufiqullah

Abstract: Cold cracking phenomenon is a very significant problem on welding of steel. This phenomenon usually occurs after welding process finishes in...

Authors: Su Gui Tian, Ben Jiang Qian, Fu Shun Liang, An An Li, Xing Fu Yu

Abstract: By the measurement of creep curves and microstructure observation, an investigation has been made into the creep behaviors and...

Authors: Da Peng Chen, Nai Ming Wu, Zheng Zhang, Yue Li, Xiao Xia Li, Cun Lin Zhang

Abstract: Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) composites have been used extensively because of their excellent performance, but they are...

Authors: Zi Yong Hou, Yun Bo Xu, Di Wu, Wei Hua Sun, She E Hu, Guo Dong Wang

Abstract: Good combination of high strength and high toughness has been considered as a critical factor of ultra-high strength steel plates. In this...

Authors: Muhammad Anis, Winarto

Abstract: Residual stresses are generated as a result of non-uniform temperature distribution during welding and particularly cooling process during...

Authors: Wen Qing Qu, Min Yuan Song, Jun Shan Yao, Hai Yun Zhao

Abstract: Through measurement of fracture toughness of 2219 aluminum alloy three-point bend specimen and observation of fracture surface and...

Authors: Xiao Yan Long, Xue Gang Luo, Ju Bai, Jia Feng Zhu

Abstract: The environmental factors of mannanase konjac glucomannan (KGM) have been investigated in aqueous solution. Molecular weight...

Authors: Bin Tang, Hong Chao Kou, Zhi Shou Zhu, Jin Shan Li, Guo Qiang Shang, Lian Zhou

Abstract: The enrichment behavior of ω clusters in cold-drawn Ti-45Nb (wt.%) filaments is observed and discussed in this paper. The ω phase...

Authors: Qing Ping Shi, Dong Li Li, Wen Cai Xu

Abstract: In this study, six kinds of different films from LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) modified by EVA (Ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer) were...


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