Materials Modeling, Simulation, and Characterization

Volume 689

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Jie Yue, Long Mei Wang

Abstract: The corrosion behaviors and corrosion resistance of Cu-P-RE weathering steels and plain carbon steel Q235 were studied by dry-wet cycle...

Authors: Wei Bo Huang, Xu Dong Liu, Ping Lu, Jing Zhang

Abstract: The deterioration of coated concrete subjected to co-action of freeze-thaw cycles-NaCl solution immersion double factors exposure was...

Authors: Zhi Hui Zhang, Shu Feng Liu, Ze Ming Sun, Xiao Dong Yan

Abstract: The relationship between microstructure and anodic oxidation film on 6061 aluminum alloy dedicated to plasma etcher were mainly studied by...

Authors: Xiang Li Li, Chun Hua Xu, Zhi Lei Wen, Wen Jie Zhang

Abstract: TiO2 nanotube arrays were fabricated in the electrolyte containing 0.25wt% NH4F, 2.5vol% water and the ethylene glycol...

Authors: Qiu Guo Xiao, Gang Cheng Ding, Tang Zhong Long, Shao Hua Shen

Abstract: This paper has put forward a high-temperature quantitative X-ray powder diffraction analysis method for the determination of an isothermal...

Authors: Ping Lu, Jing Zhang, Wei Bo Huang, Xu Dong Liu

Abstract: Two types of polyurea coatings based on polyaspartic esters (PAE) (PAE-F1 and PAE-F2) were exposed in salt fog environments and outdoor for...

Authors: Yu Li Zhang, Zhi Jian Liu, Jian Hua Xia, Xi Lin, Lu Xing Chen

Abstract: LiFePO4/C composite with different types of organic carbon sources has been synthesized by carbon thermal reduction technique....

Authors: Xian Leng, Bing Rong Cui, Lu Hai Li, Peng Du, Wen Zhao, Xu Wei Hu

Abstract: This study aims to analyse how inks of different colorant present unlike printing quality on selected substrates in inkjet printing....

Authors: Xiao Xia Li, Nai Ming Wu, Shi Bin Zhao, Da Peng Chen, Na Cai

Abstract: Infrared thermal wave testing is a non-contact inspection technique that maps the surface temperature of an object after some energy is...

Authors: Zhi Shan Yuan, Zheng Lu, You Hua Xie, Xiu Liang Wu, Sheng Long Dai, Chang Sheng Liu

Abstract: As a heat treatable aluminum alloy to be used in T6 and T8 temper, belongs to Al-Cu-Li system, a novel high-strength aluminum-lithium alloy...


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