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Authors: Janusz Adamiec
Chapter 2: Cast and Wrought Alloys
Abstract:Hot cracking is one of the main problems in casting magnesium alloys and their joining with the use of welding. Despite a great body of...
Authors: Tadeusz Knych, Beata Smyrak, Piotr Osuch, Kinga Szajding
Chapter 2: Cast and Wrought Alloys
Abstract:The paper focuses on 6xxx series AlMgSi conductor alloys. Such alloys are used for manufacturing of conductors for power transmission. Since...
Authors: Magdalena Nowak, Nadendla Hari Babu
Chapter 2: Cast and Wrought Alloys
Abstract:A novel effective grain refiner for hypo and hyper-eutectic Aluminium-Silicon alloys has been developed. The composition of the grain refiner...
Authors: Heinrich Möller, Gonasagren Govender, Waldo Stumpf
Chapter 2: Cast and Wrought Alloys
Abstract:Semi-solid metal high pressure die casting was used to produce plates from traditional wrought Al-Mg-Si alloys 6082 and 6004, as well as from...
Authors: K.P. Rao, Y.V.R.K. Prasad, K. Suresh
Chapter 2: Cast and Wrought Alloys
Abstract:Forging of a rib-web shape in rolled AZ31B magnesium alloy was conducted in the transverse direction at speeds of 0.01-10 mm s-1...
Authors: Mark A. Easton, Mark A. Gibson, Maya Gershenzon, Gary Savage, Vinay Tyagi, Trevor B. Abbott, Norbert Hort
Chapter 2: Cast and Wrought Alloys
Abstract:This paper reports on the results of the castability of three MRI alloys (153A, 153M and 230D). MRI153A was found to cast best, with castings...
Authors: Fady Refaat Elsayed, Norbert Hort, Mario Alberto Salgado Ordorica, Karl Ulrich Kainer
Chapter 2: Cast and Wrought Alloys
Abstract:Permanent mold casting is a well-established route for casting large magnesium alloys components. Casting parameters like superheat, mold...
Authors: Kalenda Mutombo, P. Rossouw, G. Govender
Chapter 2: Cast and Wrought Alloys
Abstract:Ti6Al4V alloy, produced by investment casting using yttria stabilized zirconia, was machined and then mill-annealed in vacuum furnace. The...
Authors: Eliane Giraud, Michel Suéry, Michel Coret
Chapter 2: Cast and Wrought Alloys
Abstract:The shear behavior of aluminum alloys containing increased amounts of Si or Mg compared with the 6061 alloy has been investigated by carrying...
Authors: Rolf Zenker, Marco Klemm, Anja Buchwalder
Chapter 3: Innovations and Advances in Processing Technology
Abstract:Aluminium alloys are commonly used lightweight construction materials. Spray-formed alloys, in particular, represent a group of materials...
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