Light Metals Technology V

Volume 690

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ning Sun, Diran Apelian

Abstract: Friction stir processing (FSP) is a post-processing method that locally manipulates the microstructure by imparting a high level of energy...

Authors: Iman Bayandorian, Yan Huang, Geoff M. Scamans, Zhong Yun Fan

Abstract: Melt conditioning by intensive shear was used prior to twin roll casting of an AZ91 magnesium alloy strip to promote heterogeneous...

Authors: Ulyate Andries Curle

Abstract: Wrought aluminium alloys are prone to hot tearing when cast into near-net shapes. This problem can be overcome by the novel casting...

Authors: Yu Bo Zuo, Bo Jiang, Zhong Yun Fan

Abstract: A new direct chill (DC) casting process, melt conditioned DC (MC-DC) process has been developed for production of high quality ingots and...

Authors: Zhong Yun Fan, Yu Bo Zuo, Bo Jiang

Abstract: Melt quality is crucial for both continuous and shape casting of light alloys. Gas, oxides and other inclusions in the melt usually...

Authors: Florian Pyczak, Fritz Appel, Wolfgang Limberg, Uwe Lorenz, Michael Oehring, Jonathan D.H. Paul, Frank Peter Schimansky

Abstract: The processing of large or near-net shaped parts from g-TiAl alloys is extremely challenging. The forging of large-scale TiAl-parts is...

Authors: Piotr Osuch, Tadeusz Knych, Beata Smyrak, Andrzej Mamala

Abstract: Precipitation hardening AlMgSi alloys are widely used not only as constructional material, but also a very attractive material for the...

Authors: Uwe Reisgen, Simon Olschok, Alexander Backhaus

Abstract: This paper gives an account of research which has been carried out on electron-beam brazed specimens made of high-Niobium γ-titanium...

Authors: T.P.D. Rajan, B.C. Pai

Abstract: Functionally graded materials (FGM) possess a gradual transition in the composition or microstructure within a component inducing gradual...

Authors: Kenji Miwa, Takuya Tamura, Ming Jun Li, Naoki Omura, Yuichiro Murakami

Abstract: We have developed vibration assisted solidification process. It is very useful and effective process to obtain high potential metallic...


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