Light Metals Technology V

Volume 690

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ehab Samuel, Chang Qing Zheng

Abstract: The ability of Al-Si alloys to be cast into complex shapes, coupled with a favourable strength-to-weight ratio, has given them an advantage...

Authors: Alireza Farhoumand, Peter D. Hodgson, Shahin Khoddam

Abstract: A potential severe plastic deformation process known as axi-symmetrical forward spiral extrusion (AFSE) has been studied numerically and...

Authors: Diran Apelian

Abstract: The 21st Century faces grand challenges, and sustainable development for the planet is an issue that cannot be ignored. The role...

Authors: Thomas Ebel

Abstract: A route to handle titanium specific challenges as oxygen and carbon sensitivity when applying Metal Injection Moulding is presented. It is...

Authors: Cecilia Borgonovo, Diran Apelian

Abstract: Aluminum nitride (AlN) possesses superior thermal and electrical properties and is an ideal candidate for high-temperature, as well as for...

Authors: Peter Staron, Felix Beckmann, Thomas Lippmann, Andreas Stark, Michael Oehring, Florian Pyczak, Mario Salgado, Norbert Hort, Helmut Eckerlebe, Karl Ulrich Kainer, Martin Müller, Andreas Schreyer

Abstract: High-energy X-rays and neutrons offer the large penetration depths that are often required for the determination of bulk properties in...

Authors: Heinz Günter Brokmeier, Miao Jiang, Emad Maawad, Bernd Schwebke, Thomas Lippmann

Abstract: In situ experiments with a 20kN loading device were carried out at the high energy beam line Harwi-II at Hasylab/Desy-Hamburg/Germany. Main...

Authors: Stefanie Sandlöbes, Igor Schestakow, Sang Bong Yi, Stefan Zaefferer, Jing Qui Chen, Martin Friák, Jörg Neugebauer, Dierk Raabe

Abstract: The formation of deformation-induced shear bands plays an important role for the room temperature deformation of both, Mg and Mg-Y alloys,...

Authors: David H. St. John, Mark A. Easton, Ma Qian, Peng Cao, Michael J. Bermingham

Abstract: The Interdependence Theory is a theoretical description of grain formation that links heterogeneous nucleation to grain growth early in the...

Authors: Serge Gavras, Su Ming Zhu, Mark A. Easton, Mark A. Gibson, Jian Feng Nie

Abstract: In this study effects of heat treatments on the creep resistance at 177°C/90MPa of a high-pressure die-cast Mg-2.70La-1.50Y (wt.%) alloy...


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