Light Metals Technology V

Volume 690

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Andrzej Kiełbus, Tomasz Rzychoń

Abstract: In the present article, the phase identification of four magnesium alloys: Mg-9wt%Al, Mg-8wt%Al-2wt%Ca-0.5wt%Sr, Mg-5wt%Y-4wt%RE and...

Authors: Galit Atiya, Menachem Bamberger, Alexander Katsman

Abstract: This paper reports results on the precipitation of metastable phases b'' and b' in Mg-3.1Nd-0.25Zn-0.45Zr wt.% during isothermal aging....

Authors: Manickaraj Jeyakumar, Srirangam VS Prakash, Sumanth Shankar

Abstract: The liquid structure of Al-Si hypoeutectic binary alloys with and without the addition of 0.04 wt.% Sr was characterized by diffraction...

Authors: Manickaraj Jeyakumar, Sumanth Shankar

Abstract: The flow behavior and viscosity of pure aluminum, zinc and Zn-7wt%Al liquids were quantified with the effects of temperature and shear rate...

Authors: Peng Huai Fu, Li Ming Peng, J.F. Nie, Hai Yan Jiang, Lan Ma, L. Bourgeois

Abstract: This paper reports a significant increase in tensile ductility in solution-treated Mg-Nd-Zr cast alloy by trace addition of 0.2wt.% Zn. The...

Authors: Thangaraju Shanmugasundaram, Martin Heilmaier, V. Subramanya Sarma, B.S Murty

Abstract: Bulk nanostructured Al-4Cu alloy was synthesized by high energy ball milling followed by vacuum hot pressing. Its thermal stability was...

Authors: Franco Chiesa, Nicolas Giguère, Bernard Duchesne

Abstract: The Quality Index is a useful tool allowing to assess the metallurgical quality of aluminium AlSiMg foundry alloys (AlSi7Mg03/AlSi7Mg06, or...

Authors: Heinrich Möller, Gonasagren Govender, Waldo Stumpf

Abstract: The natural and artificial aging responses of wrought and SSM-HPDC alloy 6082 are compared. It is shown that the heat treatment response of...

Authors: Sung Soo Park, Ha Sik Kim, Bong Sun You

Abstract: The AZ31 magnesium alloys were subjected to indirect and direct extrusion processes, respectively, and the properties of the extruded alloys...

Authors: Ilie Butnariu, D. Butnariu, I. Butnariu

Abstract: Present in the metallurgical industry one of the most frequently problem is the presence of Fe and his compound in secondary aluminum...


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