Light Metals Technology V

Volume 690

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sidharth Jain, Daniel M. Fabijanic, Kamlesh Chandra, Vijaya Agarwala

Abstract: The present investigation is on the microstructure evolution and hardness of powder metallurgically processed Al- 0.5 wt.%Mg base 10 wt.%...

Authors: Katsuyoshi Kondoh, Thotsaphon Threrujirapapong, Hiroyuki Fukuda, Junko Umeda

Abstract: By using light metal (Mg, Al, Ti) powders coated with un-bundled multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) via wet process, powder metallurgy...

Authors: Nonjabuliso E. Mazibuko, Ulyate Andries Curle

Abstract: During rheo-high pressure die casting (R-HPDC) of Al‑Zn-Mg-Cu alloys a coarse eutectic phase is formed. This eutectic phase is difficult to...

Authors: Vinod Kumar, Govind, Rajiv Shekhar, Kantesh Balani

Abstract: Mg-Li based alloy, namely Mg-9%Li-5%Al-3%Sn-1%Zn (LATZ9531) was cast and consequently hot rolled at ~573K. In the present study, as cast and...

Authors: Elsayed Abdallah, Comondore Ravindran, B.S Murty

Abstract: The objective of this study was to examine the potential of Al-5Ti-1B and Al-1Ti-3B master alloys in reducing the hot tearing susceptibility...

Authors: Shimin Li, Diran Apelian, Kumar Sadayappan

Abstract: MPI and CANMET, both members of the Light Metal Alliance, launched a research project to study hot tearing in aluminum alloys. In this...

Authors: Bharat S. Padekar, V.S. Raja, R.K. Singh Raman, Lyon Paul

Abstract: Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of a rare-earth (RE) containing and Al-free magnesium alloy, Elektron21 was studied using constant load test...

Authors: Zhi Ming Shi, Andrej Atrens

Abstract: Plug-in specimens enable measurement of reliable Mg polarization curves. Cathodic polarization curves were measured for high purity Mg in...

Authors: Nor Ishida Zainal Abidin, Darren Martin, Andrej Atrens

Abstract: The corrosion mechanism of Mg alloys in Hank’s solution was elucidated by comparing the corrosion of typical Mg alloys (AZ91, ZE41 and...

Authors: Wolfgang Dietzel

Abstract: The propensity of the magnesium alloys AM30 and AZ91 to environmentally assisted cracking, and in particular to hydrogen embrittlement, was...


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