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Authors: Gisele Ferreira De Lima, Mauricio Mhirdaui Peres, Sebastiano Garroni, Maria Dolors Barò, Santiago Surinyach, Claudio Shyinti Kiminami, Claudemiro Bolfarini, Walter José Botta Filho, Alberto Moreira Jorge
Abstract:Samples of a 2Mg-Fe (at.%) mixture were produced by high energy ball-milling (HEBM) with ball to powder ratio = 20:1, in an argon gas...
Authors: F. Hernández-Méndez, A. Altamirano-Torres, José G. Miranda-Hernández, Eduardo Térres-Rojas, Enrique Rocha-Rangel
Abstract:In this work a comparative study between microstructure and mechanical properties of aluminum-nickel alloys with different contents of nickel...
Authors: Rosalba Esquivel, Miguel A. Suárez, Juan.A. Alcántara, J. Federico Chávez
Abstract:The microstructural changes of six Al-Cu-Fe alloys; A)Al62Cu25.5Fe12.5, B)...
Authors: C. Triveño Rios, Conrado R. M. Afonso, Claudemiro Bolfarini, Walter José Botta Filho, Claudio Shyinti Kiminami
Abstract:Bulk glassy alloys based on the Fe-Co-B-Si-Nb system have already achieved high levels of mechanical strength. The present work investigated...
Authors: R. Pérez-Bustamante, F. Pérez-Bustamante, J. I. Barajas-Villaruel, J. Martin Herrera-Ramírez, Ivanovich Estrada-Guel, Patricia Amézaga-Madrid, Mario Miki-Yoshida, Roberto Martínez-Sánchez
Abstract:Elemental powders and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were mixed and milled in a high energy shaker mill (SPEX-8000M), to produce 2024 aluminum...
Authors: José G. Miranda-Hernández, Elizabeth Refugio-García, Eduardo Térres-Rojas, Enrique Rocha-Rangel
Abstract:The effect of different titanium additions (0.5, 1, 2, 3 and 10 vol. %), milling intensity (4 and 8 h) and sintered temperature (1500 and...
Authors: Ivanovich Estrada-Guel, J.L. Cardoso, Caleb Carreño-Gallardo, J. I. Barajas-Villaruel, Mario Miki-Yoshida, J. Martin Herrera-Ramírez, Roberto Martínez-Sánchez
Abstract:Al-based composites were fabricated by solid-state route and were characterized by optic and scanning electron microscopy in order to follow...
Authors: M.A. Flores González, Maricela Villanueva-Ibáñez, M.A. Hernández-Pérez
Abstract:Rare-earth ion (Eu3+ and Tb3+)-doped and undoped aluminum oxide powders have been prepared via polyol mediated...
Authors: Francisco Carlos Robles Hernandez, Leonardo González-Reyes, I. Hernández-Pérez
Abstract:In the present paper TiO2 (anatase) nanoparticles were synthesized by ultrasonic radiation proving the potential of this method. The...
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