Automatic Control of Molten Metal Flow for Improving Casting Performance


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The ways to gain better quality and higher casting performance is an urgent topic among aluminium producers today. This issue is also often on the agenda at conferences like this and the subjects and technologies to achieve this varies. Controlling the molten metal flow by maintaining predefined levels or level patterns is one of many powerful tools to reach this goal. Precimeter Control specializes in applications for non-ferrous molten metal level measurement and molten metal flow control. By integration, or retrofitting, any new or existing casting line can easily be automatically controlled and gain improved casting performance in a cost efficient way. This paper will focus on the main benefits from automatic level control and how some plants have achieved improvements in their casting process of DC (Direct Chill) slab (or rolling ingot) casting after implementing such technology.



Edited by:

A.Prasad, J.A. Taylor and J.F. Grandfield






T. Jarlsmark et al., "Automatic Control of Molten Metal Flow for Improving Casting Performance", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 693, pp. 179-184, 2011

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July 2011




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