Implementation of CASTfill Low-Dross Pouring System for Ingot Casting


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Producing low-dross ingots has been a long-term goal in aluminium cast houses. The patented CASTfill technology [1] is a low-dross and high-productivity pouring system developed to fulfil this demand. This paper describes the research methods used during the development of CASTfill; now in service at Boyne Smelters Limited (BSL) since August 2009. The importance of combining scientific modelling and testing procedures with process operability, maintainability and durability to ensure the success of new technology in a production facility is also highlighted. Ingot assessments showed that the latest CASTfill design greatly reduced dross generated during mould filling. Improved ingot packaging and reduced variation of ingot weights were also observed as the results of a more tranquil flow of molten aluminium through CASTfill and its uniquely modular design.



Edited by:

A.Prasad, J.A. Taylor and J.F. Grandfield






V. Nguyen et al., "Implementation of CASTfill Low-Dross Pouring System for Ingot Casting", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 693, pp. 227-234, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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