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Authors: Bruce Gunn, Yakov Frayman
Chapter 1: Markets and Cast House Layouts
Abstract:The scheduling of metal to different casters in a casthouse is a complicated problem, attempting to find the balance between pot-line,...
Authors: Ray D. Peterson
Chapter 2: Controlling Melt Loss
Abstract:As long as aluminum has been manufactured and melted, various by-products with a mixture of aluminum and aluminum oxide have existed. The...
Authors: David J. Roth
Chapter 2: Controlling Melt Loss
Abstract:Worldwide production of aluminium continues to grow even in the past economic slowdown period, at present the annual production is at...
Authors: Alan Peel, James Herbert, Robert Connaughton, Hugh Cotton
Chapter 2: Controlling Melt Loss
Abstract:The handling of dross is an unfortunate but necessary activity in any aluminum cast house. One technology designed to cool dross and maximise...
Authors: Terje Haugen, Idar Kjetil Steen, Erling Myrbostad, Arild Håkonsen
Chapter 2: Controlling Melt Loss
Abstract:Hycast TM RAM, hereafter called RAM, is a crucible fluxing technology for removal of alkaline elements (Na, Ca, and Li), as well as carbides,...
Authors: Mahesh Prakash, Paul W. Cleary, John A. Taylor
Chapter 2: Controlling Melt Loss
Abstract:When hot molten aluminium is poured into a furnace from crucibles, oxide is generated due to the interaction of the liquid metal with the...
Authors: Darcy Stevens, Anne Kvithyld, Thorvald Abel Engh
Chapter 2: Controlling Melt Loss
Abstract:Thermal oxidation of a 3000 Al sheet rolled alloy was carried out in various atmospheres with a thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA). The effect...
Authors: Peter Whiteley
Chapter 3: Furnaces and Refractories
Abstract:This paper provides an historical perspective of aluminium casthouse furnace evolution over the past 30 years or so with a view towards...
Authors: Andy Wynn, John Coppack, Tom Steele, Gary Latter
Chapter 3: Furnaces and Refractories
Abstract:Monolithic refractories are now well established as linings for a range of holding and melting applications for the processing of aluminium....
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