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Authors: Jens Decker
Chapter 3: Furnaces and Refractories
Abstract:The phosphate bond generally provides a lower modulus of elasticity compared to more brittle conventional cement and ceramic bonded...
Authors: James T. Grayson
Chapter 3: Furnaces and Refractories
Abstract:While it is generally acknowledged in our industry that people are the most important asset, the importance of technical training for furnace...
Authors: Peter Herd, Jim Chen
Chapter 3: Furnaces and Refractories
Abstract:Thermocouple Protection Tubes (TCPTs) are utilised to allow continuous temperature monitoring in harsh and demanding environments for remote...
Authors: Mike Unitt, Graham Guest, Stephen Williams, Greg Proffitt
Chapter 3: Furnaces and Refractories
Abstract:In this paper Solios Thermal will share its recent experiences in designing and integrating 11 melting and holding furnaces and 2 cooling...
Authors: Alex W. Lowery, Terry Bateman
Chapter 4: Safety
Abstract:On April 20, 2010, an explosion rocked the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico resulting in the deaths of 11 workers. Tens of thousands...
Authors: Guillaume Girard, Michael Bishop, Philip Austen, Liz Swain
Chapter 5: Melt Quality and Treatment
Abstract:Achieving in-specification melt analysis first time has been the Holy Grail of many cast houses for a number of years and for a good reason....
Authors: M. A. Dewan, M.A. Rhamdhani, Jason B. Mitchell, C. J. Davidson, G. A. Brooks, Mark Easton, John F. Grandfield
Chapter 5: Melt Quality and Treatment
Abstract:Control of impurity elements in Al-based alloys is of increasing technological importance, both in primary and secondary alloy production. In...
Authors: John H. Courtenay
Chapter 5: Melt Quality and Treatment
Abstract:The costs of salt flux treatment have received a strong industry focus as solid flux addition has replaced the usage of Chlorine for alkali...
Authors: John H. Courtenay, Frank Reusch, Stephen Instone
Chapter 5: Melt Quality and Treatment
Abstract:Filtration technology based on a three stage process where a ceramic foam filter is operated in cake mode in the first stage; grain refiner...
Authors: Thomas Jarlsmark, Jan Strömbeck, Mikael Terner, Jerry Wilkins
Chapter 5: Melt Quality and Treatment
Abstract:The ways to gain better quality and higher casting performance is an urgent topic among aluminium producers today. This issue is also often...
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