Frontier of Nanoscience and Technology

Volume 694

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: K.F. Chen, C.M. Kao, W.P. Sung, C.C. Lin, T.Y. Yeh

Abstract: In this study, a trichloroethylene (TCE)-spill site was selected to assess the feasibility of enhanced in situ anaerobic bioremediation of...

Authors: Yan Wang, Yu Cheng Wu, Yong Qiang Qin, Jie Wu Cui, Hong Mei Zheng

Abstract: Titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanotubes (TN) are an ideal nano-structured materials due to its promising applications in various scientific areas....

Authors: Shiuh Chuan Her, Shou Jan Liu

Abstract: A micromechanical finite element model incorporated with molecular mechanics is employed to determine the mechanical properties of...

Authors: Lǜ Yang, Yi Li, Yuan Kang Zhou, Xue Mei Wu

Abstract: In this paper, some Ag-carried palygorskite nanocomposites P/Ag were prepared, their silver content were 1.3%, 4.61%, 9.54% separately. To...

Authors: Zheng Zheng Shao, Xue Ao Zhang, Fei Wang, Guang Wang, Hong Hui Jia, Sheng Li Chang, Hai Liang Zhang, Liang Fang

Abstract: The piezoelectric potential generated in a bent ZnO nanorod cantilever is analyzed by means of the first piezoelectric effect approximation....

Authors: Jun Xiao Yang, Jia Jun Ma, Ya Wen Huang

Abstract: Uniform and monodisperse boehmite (γ-AlOOH) nanosheets with a thickness of less than 20 nm have been prepared by the hydrothermal treatment...

Authors: Yang Li, Hua Qing Xie, Wei Yu, Jing Li

Abstract: Nanofluids containing Al2O3, ZnO, and MgO nanoparticles were prepared with distilled water as base fluid by violent stirring and ultrasonic...

Authors: Yan Fang Shen, Jie Wu, Yong Shan Tao, Ming Li, Hua Zi Jin, Tian Ying Xiong

Abstract: Nitrogen-doped titania nanotubes (TiO2-xNx NTs) were synthesized by the soft chemical process, in which nitrogen-doped titania nanopowders...

Authors: Li Zhu Zhao, Gang Chen

Abstract: The nanocrystalline orthorhombic LiMnO2 was successfully synthesized with the raw materials of MnO2, Mn (CH3COO)2 and LiOH by hydrothermal...


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