Electroluminescence Properties of ZnO Nano-Particles Embedded in Polyimide


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In this paper, ZnO Nano-particles is embedded in polyimide, and physical and chemical properties of polyimide/ZnO composite materials have been studied. It is found that different ZnO content will cause UV absorption edge blue shift, and EL tests show that electricity aging and pre-breakdown have changed. For PI/ZnO(1%) and PI/ZnO(2%) composite materials, Electricity aging is at 1.4Mv/cm and 1.5Mv/cm, Pre-breakdown field is at 1.9Mv/cm and 1.8Mv/cm, respectively. In addition, there are emission peaks at 442.8nm, 514.2nm, 609.4nm in the EL spectrum of the PI/ZnO (1%) films and 538nm, 633.2nm of PI/ZnO(2%) films, which indicates that some defects in this area.



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Ran Chen




J. Q. Lin et al., "Electroluminescence Properties of ZnO Nano-Particles Embedded in Polyimide", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 694, pp. 137-141, 2011

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July 2011




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