A Convenient Method for Synthesis of Nano-Titania Thin Films from Aqueous TiO2 Precursor Sols


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Anatase TiO2 thin films were prepared on glass substrates by dip-coating method with TiCl4 as the Ti precursor hydrolysis in a mixed solvent of alcohol and water. The effects of preparation parameters such as the alcohol species, the alcohol/water (A/W) ratio, and the dosage of TiCl4 (the volume ratio of TiCl4 and mixed solution) were investigated. The best preparation condition was optimized that with the isopropanol / H2O volume ratio of 65:35, the dosage of TiCl4 at 3%. XRD, SEM, TEM and UV–Vis photospectroscopy were used to analyze the characteristics of the solution and films. The films have a high hydrophilicity after illuminating with ultraviolet light, it have a good adherence and can be used as an efficient photocatalyst.



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Ran Chen




W. D. Liang et al., "A Convenient Method for Synthesis of Nano-Titania Thin Films from Aqueous TiO2 Precursor Sols", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 694, pp. 466-470, 2011

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July 2011




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