Using Segment Number Parameter of Piecewise Linear Chaotic Map Construct Novel Hash Scheme


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A novel keyed Hash function is presented based on the dynamic S-boxes. The proposed approach can give a chaotic Hash value by means of the lookup table of functions and chaotic dynamic S-box. Compared with the existing chaotic Hash functions, this method improves computational performance of Hash system by using the chaotic S-box substitution. Theoretical and experimental results show that the proposed method has not only strong one way property, sensitivity to initial conditions and chaotic system’s parameters, but also high speed.



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Ran Chen




P. C. Wei and J. J. Huang, "Using Segment Number Parameter of Piecewise Linear Chaotic Map Construct Novel Hash Scheme", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 694, pp. 479-484, 2011

Online since:

July 2011




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