A Micro Triggered Spark Gap Switch with Three Electrodes


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A planar micro triggered spark gap switch with three electrodes was designed and fabricated based on non-silicon surface micromachining technology. It consists of two main electrodes, the shape of which is semicircle, and a triggering electrode which is a thin strip. The gap distance between two main electrodes is 800μm. Benefitting from MEMS technology, the switch is integratable and its cost has the potential to be reduced. The designed switch has been optimized and tested. It gives out a pulse current with peak of 5165.21A and 129.6ns rise time. The test data has an agreement with the simulation results.



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Ran Chen




H. Shen et al., "A Micro Triggered Spark Gap Switch with Three Electrodes", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 694, pp. 485-489, 2011

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July 2011




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