Fabrication of MWCNT-Reinforced Copper Composite and Thermal Expansion Behavor


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A unique method for preparation of multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT)- reinforced copper composite is reported. It involves solution phase systhesis MWCNT-implanted cuprous oxide composite spheres, formation of MWCNT/ copper composite spheres after reduction in H2 atmosphere and preparation of the MWCNT/copper bulk with vacuum hot pressing. Scanning Eelectron Microscope image (SEM) of the fracture surfaces indicate MWCNTs are homogeneously dispersed in the composite and bonded to the matrix. In addition, the thermal expansion of the composites at various MWCNTs (0wt%, 1wt%, 5wt%) were investigated. The coefficient of the thermal expansion (CTE) was decreased with increase of the MWCNT content, which are all much lower than that of pure copper.



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Ran Chen






Z. F. Fan et al., "Fabrication of MWCNT-Reinforced Copper Composite and Thermal Expansion Behavor", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 694, pp. 713-717, 2011

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July 2011




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