Frontier of Nanoscience and Technology

Volume 694

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Song Zhou, Yu Cheng Wu, Jun Lv, Ling Kun Guo, Dong Mei Wang, Guang Qing Xu, Zhi Xiang Zheng

Abstract: Using muscovite as the carrier, TiCl4 as the source of titanium, urea as the precipitating agent, nano-TiO2/mica photocatalyst (TiO2/M) was...

Authors: Pat Sooksaen

Abstract: Ceramic foam is a class of materials with high porosity and three-dimensional network of struts. In this study, ceramic foams were...

Authors: Ru Xin Che, Bing Yu, Chun Xia Wang

Abstract: The core-nanoshell composite materials doped with Sm were prepared by a solid-state reaction method. The core is magnetic fly-ash hollow...

Authors: Wen Dong Liang, Xian Kun Wang, Yong Ping Yang

Abstract: Anatase TiO2 thin films were prepared on glass substrates by dip-coating method with TiCl4 as the Ti precursor hydrolysis in a mixed solvent...

Authors: Li Zhu Zhao, Jin Cheng Zhang, Xiao Han Xu, Xiao Ying Chen, Xiao Ming Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, we synthesized LiMnO2 compounds doped with different amount of Ni by coprecipitation. The composition of the sample can be...

Authors: Peng Cheng Wei, Jun Jian Huang

Abstract: A novel keyed Hash function is presented based on the dynamic S-boxes. The proposed approach can give a chaotic Hash value by means of the...

Authors: Hui Shen, Gui Fu Ding, Zhen Wei Zhou, Zhuo Qing Yang, Xue Mei Cui

Abstract: A planar micro triggered spark gap switch with three electrodes was designed and fabricated based on non-silicon surface micromachining...

Authors: De Gui Zhang, Hai Mei Cheng, Ying Jun Wang, Cheng Yun Ning

Abstract: This study was aimed to investigate the effects of acid treatment on the surfacee characteristics ofgrit-blasted titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V)....

Authors: Xue Jin Shen, Zhen Liang Wang, Ling Zhou

Abstract: Friction force is present in most microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), since they have a large ratio of surface area to their volume. To...

Authors: Xiu Bing Liang, Wei Guo, Yong Xiong Chen, Lin Lei Wang

Abstract: Two kinds of high-entropy alloy coatings of FeCrNiCoCu and FeCrNiCoCuB were deposited on AZ91 magnesium alloy substrate using high velocity...


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