Frontier of Nanoscience and Technology

Volume 694

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Qiang He, Bin Qiao, Li Chao Feng

Abstract: Al-8.5Fe-1.3V-1.7Si/SiCP composite prepared by multi-layer spray deposition in different states were investigated. Ultimate tensile...

Authors: Z. F. Fan, X.H. Chen, L.S. Xu, Y. Q. Liu, W. B. Zhong, W. Y. She, B. Zeng

Abstract: A unique method for preparation of multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT)- reinforced copper composite is reported. It involves solution phase...

Authors: Chang Jiu Liu, Chun Xiao Xing, Shi Juan Chen

Abstract: Amorphous nickel hydroxide powders codoped with Ce and Fe were synthesized by the combined chemical precipitation and rapid freezing method....

Authors: Yi Zong Dang, Lu Wang, Qun Bo Fan

Abstract: The deformation micromechanism of Zr50Cu50 bulk metallic glasses under compress loading is studied by means of molecular dynamics. The...

Authors: Shun Qing Chen, Yu Min Ma

Abstract: The chemistry composition of the high temperature oxidization under loads has been analyzed for the Cr5Mo alloy in this paper. The...

Authors: Li Chao Feng, Xue Mei Yu, Bin Qiao, Yi Qiang He

Abstract: In this paper the electrical conductivity of Cu2O matrix inhomogeneous composites were tested. Cu2O matrix inhomogeneous composites, which...

Authors: Bin Lü, Jian Zhong Ma, Dang Ge Gao, Jing Zhang

Abstract: The vegetable oil fatliquor (VF) was prepared by rapeseed oil, 1, 2-ethylenediamine and acrylic acid. The synthesis of a silicon modified...

Authors: Fen E Hu, Zhi Juan Wang, Jun Li Li

Abstract: The silver-supporting diatomite was prepared by the vacuum heating decomposition method with diatomite as the carrier and AgNO3 solution as...

Authors: Wang Zhe, Xian Qin, Jiao Rong Fan

Abstract: TAS is aimed at applying the operation of biochemical analysis on microchips, and its advantages have drawn great attention. This paper...

Authors: Jian Zhou, Li Jun Li, Yi Hua Hu, Ming Chao Wang

Abstract: The article points out the television plastic part size,giving the general design route,then describing the general design process of...


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