TEM Analysis on Nanovoid Formation in Annealed Amorphous Oxides


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Formation behavior of nanovoids during the annealing of amorphous Al2O3 and WO3 was studied by transmission electron microscopy. The density and size of the voids in Al2O3 and WO3 increase with increasing annealing temperature from 973 to 1123 K and from 573 to 673 K, respectively. It is suggested that the formation of nanovoids during annealing is attributed to the large difference in density between as-deposited amorphous and crystalline oxides.



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Hyungsun Kim, Jian Feng Yang, Chuleol Hee Han, Somchai Thongtem and Soo Wohn Lee




R. Nakamura et al., "TEM Analysis on Nanovoid Formation in Annealed Amorphous Oxides", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 695, pp. 541-544, 2011

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July 2011




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