Eco-Materials Processing and Design XII

Volume 695

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ji Liang Wu, Xue Gang Luo, Xiao Yan Lin, Jing He

Abstract: After entering the soil, the degradation products of polyethylene film have a series of influences on ecological environment of the soil....

Authors: Tursun Kulov Oybek, No Jin Park, Soo Jeong Jo, Eun Young Lee, Sharo Futdin Kamalov, Li Li He, Soon Wook Jeong, Sung Jin Kim

Abstract: Titanium silicon carbide (Ti3SiC2) is a remarkable material for its combination of the best properties of metals and...

Authors: Rui Zhao, Byeong Gu Kim, Yong Mun Ryu, Bo Young Hur

Abstract: It is difficult to control the pore size and distribution of Mg alloy foam by melt foaming method using titanium hydride as blowing agent...

Authors: Ryusuke Nakamura, Takehiro Shudo, Akihiko Hirata, Manabu Ishimaru, Hideo Nakajima

Abstract: Formation behavior of nanovoids during the annealing of amorphous Al2O3 and WO3 was studied by transmission...

Authors: Masakazu Tane, Rika Okamoto, Hideo Nakajima

Abstract: The tensile deformation of lotus-type porous copper with cylindrical pores oriented in one direction was investigated. Deformation was...

Authors: Khanthima Hemra, Pavadee Aungkavattana, Duangduen Atong

Abstract: Ceramic membrane has been extensively studied for a half of century. The research of alumina membranes was improved a great deal, however,...

Authors: Yu Hong Tian, Xin Zhe Lan, Qiu Li Zhang, Juan Qin Xue, Yong Hui Song, Lin Bo Li

Abstract: The low-cost blue coke industrial by-product, blue coke powder was used as raw material for the production of porous carbons adsorbent by...

Authors: Qiu Li Zhang, Xuan Cheng, Xin Zhe Lan, Xiao Yan Hu

Abstract: The multi-layer copper/nickel foam was prepared by the electrodeposition methods adopted the polyurethane as frame foundation. The foam is...

Authors: Itsara Srithanachai, Surada Ueamanapong, Poopol Rujanapich, Amporn Poyai, Surasak Niemcharoen, Wisut Titiroongruang

Abstract: An effect induced by x-ray irradiation on Boron-doped crystalline Si at room temperature was closely investigated in this paper. Irradiation...

Authors: Chawalit Bhoomanee, Atcharawan Gardchareon, Niyom Hongsith, Supab Choopun, Duangmanee Wongratanaphisan

Abstract: Zinc oxide tetrapods (T-ZnO) were synthesized using thermal oxidation technique from Zn powders mixed with hydrogen per oxide...


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