Eco-Materials Processing and Design XII

Volume 695

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Feng Yin, Yan Long Ma, Jun Yang

Abstract: To overcome the disadvantage of MgO-CaO refractories, as the poor hydration resistance, MgO coating on the MgO-CaO clinker was fabricated by...

Authors: Hong Feng Yin, Yun Tang

Abstract: The chemical composition, phase constituents and microstructure of gasification slag from Texaco gasifier, the carbothermal reduction...

Authors: Anyaporn Boonmahitthisud, Zheng Hua Song

Abstract: In this study, rubber blend of natural rubber (NR) and styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) at 80/20 NR/SBR was reinforced with nanosilica...

Authors: Prasit Pattananuwat, Duangdao Aht-Ong

Abstract: The release of ethylene gas from agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, and flowers during storage and transportation is the main...

Authors: Hui Xie, Gen Cang Yang, Lei Jia, Zhen Lin Lu

Abstract: The kinetic process of liquid-liquid phase separation in the undercooled Ni-20at%Pb hypermonotectic alloy melts was analyzed theoretically....

Authors: Lei Jia, Hui Xie, Zhen Lin Lu, Xiao Wang, Ya Ling Zhao

Abstract: Two sets of Cu-Ni-Si alloys with different Cu contents and Ni/Si atomic ratios were fabricated under the state of near-equilibrium...

Authors: Hui Xie, Lei Jia, Xiao Feng Zhang, Zhen Lin Lu

Abstract: Fe-25wt%Cr alloys were fabricated by combining Powder Metallurgy (PM) with hot-forging treatment, and their oxidation behavior at 1100°C in...

Authors: Jian Tao Ju, Zhen Lin Lu, Min Juan Zhang, Zhao Hui Zhang, Jun Yang

Abstract: The hydrogen content was measured by HYDRIS hydrogen analyzer during ladle furnace (LF) refining process aiming to test the regular pattern...

Authors: Hui Xie, G. H. Bai, Lei Jia, Zhen Lin Lu, Sheng Zhong Kou

Abstract: Bulk Fe-50at%Ni alloy melts were undercooled using cyclic superheating and glass slag purification. As a result, a maximum undercooling up...

Authors: Ying Han, Guan Jun Qiao, Dong Na Yan, De Ning Zou

Abstract: The hot deformation behavior of super 13Cr martensitic stainless steel was investigated using artificial neural network (ANN). Hot...


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