Internal Oxidation of Ni(Al) Solid Solution Zone Prepared by Pack Cementation of Pure Ni


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Pure Ni was aluminized with an Ni3Al, NaCl and Al2O3 pack powder mixture at 1100°C for 12 h. The Ni(Al) solid solution formed in aluminized Ni was internally oxidized at 1000°C for 2 to 12 h with a Co/CoO buffer. The internal oxidation zone consisted of 2 regions: granular precipitate zone near the surface and rod-like zone near the oxidation front. The growth of internal oxidation zone deviated from the parabolic law due to the non-constant Al profile developed by the aluminizing process. The granular zone grows linearly from the surface of the alloy.



Edited by:

Toshio Maruyama, Masayuki Yoshiba, Kazuya Kurokawa, Yuuzou Kawahara and Nobuo Otsuka




D. T. M. Do and M. Nanko, "Internal Oxidation of Ni(Al) Solid Solution Zone Prepared by Pack Cementation of Pure Ni", Materials Science Forum, Vol. 696, pp. 384-388, 2011

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September 2011




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