High-Temperature Oxidation and Corrosion 2010

Volume 696

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.696

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Authors: Toshinari Okagaito, Yuji Fukuda, Yoshitaka Kojima

Abstract: Fe-Si intermetallic thermal spray powders have been developed for sulfidation corrosion and erosion protection for furnace walls in...

Authors: S. Eni, Y. Wang, N. Hashimoto, Somei Ohnuki, Toshio Narita

Abstract: Cross-sectional structures of a Re-based diffusion barrier coating on Nb as ultra high temperature material were investigated in order to...

Authors: Abreeza Manap, Dowon Seo, Kazuhiro Ogawa

Abstract: This paper presents the results of a study of the microstructure and oxidation behavior of thermal barrier coating (TBC) with air plasma...

Authors: Diana Schmidt, Michael Schütze

Abstract: The oxidation resistance of ferritic-martensitic 9% chromium steels in water vapour containing atmospheres is not yet satisfactory. The...

Authors: F. Pedraza, Baptiste Bouchaud, J. Balmain, G. Bonnet, Justine Menuey

Abstract: Rare earth oxides are commonly employed as dopants or coatings to improve the development and adherence of alumina scales. However, for...

Authors: Elizabeth J. Opila, Meredith K. Boyd

Abstract: The oxidation kinetics of SiC fiber-reinforced SiC matrix composites with a BN interphase (SiC/BN/SiC) and the constituent fibers was...

Authors: Makoto Nanko

Abstract: A simple metallurgical process for fabricating oxide nano-rod array structures via internal oxidation is described. Some dilute alloys such...

Authors: Bulent Önay

Abstract: Engineering materials with better high temperature oxidation properties are needed to increase the thermodynamic efficiencies of the energy...

Authors: Michiko Yoshihara

Abstract: The alloys based on γ-TiAl have attractive properties as light weight heat-resisting material. The poor oxidation resistance is one of the...

Authors: Hans Eberhard Zschau, Michael Schütze

Abstract: The oxidation protection of TiAl-alloys at temperatures above 750°C can be improved by the fluorine effect. The results of thermodynamical...


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