Simulation on Characteristics of Grinding Fluid Jet Based on FLUENT


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The grinding fluid has the function of cooling and lubricating only when it breaks through the airflow barrier near the grinding wheel and enters into the contact area between the grinding wheel and the workpiece. The air-fluid two-phase flow software is used to simulate the characteristics of the grinding fluid field based on VOF, and the special constraint conditions of the outlet pressure are not applied in simulation. The characteristics of the grinding fluid jet and the real moving characteristics of the grinding fluid between the jet flow area and the grinding area are analyzed. It provides the research foundation for the parameters of the grinding fluid supplying.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 697-698)

Edited by:

Tian Huang, Dawei Zhang, Bin Lin, Anping Xu, Yanling Tian and Weiguo Gao




C. X. Chao et al., "Simulation on Characteristics of Grinding Fluid Jet Based on FLUENT", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 697-698, pp. 19-23, 2012

Online since:

September 2011




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