Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

Volume 700

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Raja Aamir, Michael F. Walsh, Stuart P. Lansley, Robert M. Doesburg, Rafidah Zainon, N. J. A. De Ruiter, Philip H. Butler, Anthony P. H. Butler

Abstract: We have been characterizing various sensor layers bump-bonded to Medipix detector chips. We report here characterizationthe leakage current...

Authors: Grant V. M. Williams, Sebastiampillai G. Raymond, Nick Denton, Christn Gaedtke

Abstract: A portable fibre optic dosimeter has been developed that uses transparent fluroperovskite dosimeters at the end of a multimode polymer...

Authors: Kevin J. Stevens, Grant V.M. Williams, I. Monfils, D. Hirst, P. Wagner, S.G. Raymond, J. W. Quilty, My T. T. Do

Abstract: An optics-based strain sensing system is being developed for quazi-distributed strain sensing in locations and environments that are not...

Authors: Shazlina Johari, Volker Nock, Maan M. Alkaisi, Wen Wang

Abstract: With a reduced set of 300 neurons and a fully sequenced genome, the multicellular nematode Caenorhabditis elegans has recently gained...

Authors: Siti Noorjannah Ibrahim, Lynn Murray, John J. Evans, Maan M. Alkaisi

Abstract: AC electrokinetics is one of many methods used to move particles in microfluidic channels. This paper presents single cell trapping efficacy...

Authors: Arunav S. Banerjee, Richard Blaikie, Wen Hui Wang

Abstract: In this paper, we present our ongoing work on developing a microfabricated XYZ stage-needle arrayed single crystal silicon (SCS) structure...

Authors: Najeh Al Salim, Emma Barraclough, Elisabeth Burgess, Brent Clothier, Markus Deurer, Steve Green, Louise Malone, Graham Weir

Abstract: The use of quantum dots (QDs) for different applications such as biomarkers has increased in the past decade. Here we report on the uptake...

Authors: Sandra Bischof Vukušić, Sandra Flinčec Grgac, Drago Katović, Andrea Katović

Abstract: Coating of zeolite nanoparticles, previously dispersed in Polycarboxylic acid (PCA) solution, on cellulose textile surface has several...

Authors: Frantisek Cerny, Mohamed Ali Khalil Ibrahim, Jan Suchanek, Svatava Konvickova, Vladimir Jech, Zdenek Horak

Abstract: The effect of gamma irradiation and subsequent thermal treatment on the wear resistance and friction behavior of ultrahigh molecular weight...

Authors: Bhuvaneswari Kannan, David E. Williams, Jadranka Travas-Sejdic

Abstract: Electrochemical DNA sensors can be constructed by understanding basic interfacial electron transfer between solid surface-electrolyte-DNA...


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