Microstructural Characterization of Ferroelectric Bismuth Ferrite (BiFeO3) Ceramic by Electron Backscattered Diffraction


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Ferroelectric BiFeO3 (BFO) is potential candidate for future generation of FeRAM due to its large polarization. However, BFO is very sensitive to secondary phase formation during synthesis because of volatility issues related to Bismuth. Investigation of the microstructure for phase purity is the key as impurities can destroy the desired properties. We have used backscattered electron diffraction to study the microstructure of BFO ceramic. The EBSD results provide a direct evidence of the appearance of secondary phase that XRD could not be detected in XRD.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 702-703)

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Asim Tewari, Satyam Suwas, Dinesh Srivastava, Indradev Samajdar and Arunansu Haldar






J. Kolte et al., "Microstructural Characterization of Ferroelectric Bismuth Ferrite (BiFeO3) Ceramic by Electron Backscattered Diffraction", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 702-703, pp. 1011-1014, 2012

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December 2011




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