Deformation Induced Percolating Porosity In High Pressure Torsioned (HPT) Copper


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Copper of different purity levels (4N, 5N) produced by High Pressure Torsion (HPT) with varying processing parameters is investigated utilizing the radiotracer technique. While the degree of deformation is constant, the effect of the applied quasi-hydrostatic pressure and of the impurity concentration on the as deformed samples is analysed. By applying the radio tracer method micro structural aspects are revealed that are not easily accessible by conventional methods. The measurements indicate the formation of a percolating porosity during the HPT process as a function of the applied pressure and (although less pronounced) of the impurity concentration.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 702-703)

Edited by:

Asim Tewari, Satyam Suwas, Dinesh Srivastava, Indradev Samajdar and Arunansu Haldar




M. Wegner et al., "Deformation Induced Percolating Porosity In High Pressure Torsioned (HPT) Copper", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 702-703, pp. 105-108, 2012

Online since:

December 2011




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