Numerical Analysis in the Process of Alternate Pressing and Multiaxial Compression


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This article presents the results of numeric simulation obtained with commercial software for thermo-mechanical analysis of plastic forging processes, Forge 2009, of the process of alternate forced pressing and multiaxial compression. The new method of alternate forced pressing and multiaxial compression suggested by the authors is characterized by the presence in the plastically forged material of the similar states of deformations to those present in the processes of the equal channel angular pressing and cyclic extrusion compressing. From the performed preliminary tests it can be stated that as a result of combining and repeating two alternate operations: pressing and multiaxial compression, strain accumulation and development of deformation state favorable to grain crushing take place.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 706-709)

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T. Chandra, M. Ionescu and D. Mantovani




M. Kwapisz et al., "Numerical Analysis in the Process of Alternate Pressing and Multiaxial Compression", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 706-709, pp. 1763-1768, 2012

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January 2012




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