Oxidation Behaviors of Two and Three Phase Mo-Si-B Alloys via Si Pack Cementation


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Mo-Si-B alloys have been received an attention due to the high temperature strength and phase stability. However, the nature of poor oxidation resistance often limits the application of the alloy system. In order to resolve the poor oxidation resistance of the alloy system, in this study, the oxidation behaviors of Si diffusion coated Mo-Si-B alloys have been investigated in order to identify the underlying mechanism for the effect of the constituent of the phase combination of Mo-Si-B alloys. The oxidation tests performed at 1100 °C show that the produced MoSi2 phase, as a result of the coatings, give an excellent oxidation resistance at prolonged high temperature exposure in air. The oxidation behaviors of uncoated and Si coated Mo-Si-B alloys have been discussed in terms of microstructural observations during oxidation tests.



Materials Science Forum (Volumes 706-709)

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T. Chandra, M. Ionescu and D. Mantovani




Y. H. Song et al., "Oxidation Behaviors of Two and Three Phase Mo-Si-B Alloys via Si Pack Cementation", Materials Science Forum, Vols. 706-709, pp. 2446-2449, 2012

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January 2012




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