Eco-Materials Processing and Design XIII

Volume 724

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Ming Liu, Jie Liu, Guang Wei Fan, Dong Fang Du, Guo Ping Li, Cheng Jun Chai

Abstract: Effect of solution treated temperature at 5001100°C on ferrite/austenite ratio and σ phase precipitation has been studied in this paper, and...

Authors: Na Ri Lee, Soo Sun Lee, Kyeong Il Kim, Sung Jei Hong, Tae Whan Hong

Abstract: Nowadays, rapidly growing mobile machines such as tablet PC and smart phone equipped with touch screen panel using a sturdy material for...

Authors: Soo Sun Lee, Na Ri Lee, Kyeong Il Kim, Sung Jei Hong, Tae Whan Hong

Abstract: Recently, touch screen is one of the most popular pieces of electrical and electronic equipment in our society, such as laptops, cellular...

Authors: Hai Yun Jin, Da Wei Feng, Zhen Huang, Rui Dong Niu, Rong Zhen Liu, Bo He, Liang Shao

Abstract: Experimental program and preparation technology of highly densified reaction bonded silicon carbide resistance materials with different...

Authors: Hong Ying Dong, Yan Ping Ren, Kai Ming Huang, Wei Yan He, Wen Ma

Abstract: The PVP+Ti (OC4H9)4+SnCl4·5H2O/sesame oil composite fibers were successfully prepared...

Authors: Jong Oh Kim, Won Youl Choi, Yong Woo Lee

Abstract: This study was conducted to investigate the effect of operational parameters in anodized photocatalytic metal membrane reactor (PMMR) for...

Authors: Jong Oh Kim, Jun Su Lee, Jin Wook Chung

Abstract: This study aims to show the catalyst effect for the removal of low molecular weight organics in semiconductor wastewater. To investigate and...

Authors: Jong Oh Kim, Seung Pil Choi, Geon Tae Kim, Yong Hak Kim

Abstract: We evaluated the treatment efficiency of humic acid using Ti and anodized TiO2 metal plate with/without Fe-doping. Variation of...

Authors: Xuan Meng He, Guang Jun Li, Hui Liu, Jun Qi Li

Abstract: Hierarchical AlOOH microspheres assembled from nanosheets were successfully synthesized via a microwave hydrothermal method, by using...


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